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Flavio Mendoza, in love with a married man and son – 03/01/2019

Flavio Mendoza he admitted Moria Casan in "Incorrect" (America). In the middle of the conversation, the choreographer said he was in love with a married man and provided details of the relationship.

In October last year, Flavio He was separated from Daniela Allodi, with whom he was a few months and declared that the reason for the disintegration was unfaithful. Yesterday, Wednesday, when Moria he asked about his current sentimental situation, Flavio He replied: "Now I am a father (Dionysus, who is eight months old) I would like it, but I'm not lucky … there is a touch and go, but with my baby it costs me more."

However, sincerely, Flavio Mendoza He said: "I will admit, I've been in love for years, I think he is with me, but there is something that does not end, because he is not in the middle, there is nothing to see, we talk, embrace, have a son and have a son . "

"She has a partner, but she is not happy with her – continuation of details Flavio Mendoza-. I know because we talked about it, he does not kill a son. Did you see that when you are family and have a child, are you much afraid to board something else? And I told you that last night, "he added.

Compared to a man who loves him so much, Flavio Mendoza He said, "I think that would be the person I would marry, I told him and he says," Stop chamuyar. "I answered," is not bullshit, but I'm telling you, because until you get rid of my own I do not know what to say to you, but that's true. Our meetings are in Buenos Aires, we eat, talk … we know seven years ago".

Decisive to say the whole truth, Flavio Mendoza He said, "If we had a relationship? In the beginning, yes, what is happening is that after the time has passed and he married, I met him through other friends and he came to a few fun, that's the love of a person. She most beautifully told me: "I wish I would be with you one day, with my son and Part (Dionysius, son of Flavius) in Disney and it killed me with love".

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