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For another attempt to extort | Lawyer José Man …

Lawyer José Manuel Ubeira today will sue prosecutor Carlos Stornelli in the case of a photocopy of the notebook and ask him to try to make a hidden camera stemming from the elements of the outrageous complaint filed by the entrepreneur Pedro Etchebest, There you can see, in one of the WhatsApp chats that Marcelo D & 39 Alessio sends the ruralist, recording a talk on the screen where, at the request of the plaintiff, offers the trap for the attorney to file it and the third party then lodges a complaint. The lawyer is a lawyer of Federico Elasar's finance minister at a money laundering trial against Lazaro Balez, and in the case of a notebook he defends Oscar Thomas, former director Yacyret, who has never pouted. This maneuver, which confirms it, is very serious.

Ubeira will ask Federal Judge Sebastian Ramos to investigate these facts because he has processed his previous lawsuit at Judge Claudio Bonadia for abusing and illegally depriving Thomas of Freedom, which has not been accepted as a prosecutor so far. At the same time, it will cause Stornelli to be removed from the investigation of notebooks and public works. There are two aspects that, he points out, will mark his presentation: not to explain how Stornelli, who said that all "the Berret operation," did not condemn Alessandro and gave his cell phone to federal judge Dolores, for headaches. issues, clarify doubts; but the prosecutor admitted a certain link with D & Alessi, and that in an interview with Nelson Castro he approached the repentant and the data. In the light of that, Ubeir claims that the prosecution can not dispose of investigations outside the usual mechanisms and channels envisaged by law.

The attempt to hide the camera was reconstructed by a footage of WhatsApp, which Alessio sent to Etchebest and filmed a conversation between them, on a trip to Pinamar where Stornelli was waiting, in which he first planned to make a lawyer a hidden camera at the explicit request of the plaintiff. In theory, who would take care of the recording was Rodrigo González, the defender of Leonard Fariño for washing against Báza, whom Alessio calls his partner, although he was actually his lawyer in cases of extortion. In the film, Alessio says Patricia Bullrich pays 200,000 pcs for the defense of Fariña.

In the conversation that Etchebest received, Stornelli appeared, saying, "Make sure Rodrigo." Alessio replied, "I arrived 6 and made a hidden camera and handed it over to your prosecution for a third person! Sino Rodri must give up Fariño and be armed with a quilombeteo with Patriciò B." Alessio sends a screen shot to tell him what he is talking about when he explains that he will try to put a stick on Ubeiro. With a strategy that was halfway. González went to lawyer in December together with Fariña. The latter, who is a key witness against Béza, states that he wants to stop being a protected witness and threatens to return to that meeting. That is, abandon the role of the repentant. But skip that your problem is that you need money for life. After that meeting, they will see again, but the meeting is not realized. Everything suggests that they intended to offer something to Ubeiri and then to seek money.

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