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Gimena Accardi continued to discuss abortion and confirmed her to be a living

Actress Gimena Accardi he called for his position on the legal suspension of pregnancy and caused controversy with her statements.

Despite the fact that a few months passed the Senate rejected the project of legal interruption of pregnancy, the issue further encourages discussion. As published Radio Miter. Gimena Accardi He expressed his point of view and challenged controversy with his statements.

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As far as projection is concerned feminist struggle the actress recently claimed: "It seems to me that this is a change of wrist. We were in a horrible extreme. I also think that this is happening at another extreme, and with time logical equilibrium, as in any social change of the world. We are exploding now, that's part of the process. We are in the midst of radical change. I am very proud of the new generation and that everyone respects the opinions of others. "

Likewise, husband Nicolás Vázqueclarified that she did not belong to the Actrices Argentinas collectibles "from the newspaper" and said: "I did not take part in the actress movement because I went marshas with my group of friends, not with the collective, but I fully support them. all that's going on and they're doing. "

About her motherhood

When asked about the pregnancy she lost in 2013 and what happened to her desire for motherhood, Gimena Accardi caused controversy with her statements: "Although I'm about legalizing abortion, I'm for a lifetime. I think it's wonderful to bring life to the world. I'm not a mother, but it's safe. That's a wish, it's going to be in the future.

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He added: "It does not make us crazy, nor do we think about it any more, we do not consider it a mandate or a social obligation, it will be when we have a desire and not a commitment. I always have to break up with mandates and social paradigms. I do not do anything by obligation".

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