Monday , June 17 2019
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Godoy Cruz brought a good rumble from Parana

Godoy Cruz achieved a good remix in the Patronato field for the 16th in the Super League Cup, since it has achieved a cheerful visitor, which makes it an advantage over the "Sample".

Goal goals have been turned into Germán Berterame for the place, and Tomás Cardon for those headed by Lucas Bernard.

The first half was poorly played and there were very few goals, Expreso did not lift his head and lost in almost all terrain fields, but managed to go half-time with a bow at zero.

It just started the second half Berterame who surprise the insurance Andrés Mehering.

After a few minutes the Tomb was reacting to the stopped ball. there came a draw for the new attacker Tombina: Cardon.

The defender anticipated the departure of the goalkeeper Patronato and gave him a goal that put him in front of the eve of Saturday's encounter.

On the last Juan Andrada he saw a red card and will not be in the second stage.

Although the result was good, Godoy Cruz will have to improve his future.


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