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Google launches its own messaging service to compete with WhatsApp

Google is trying to go into the world of messaging and has started to develop its own application to compete with WhatsApp and Telegram, two platforms that monopolize almost the entire market. These are Rich Communications Services (Rich Communication Services or RCS, for the acronym in English), a platform that plans to take on the technological diva.

At the beginning The company's most popular search engine in the world has launched this service as a result of dealings with telecommunications companies and smart phone manufacturers. But before the slow implementation of the service, Google has decided to offer RCS support to all devices running Android, its own operating system.

As it turns out, it will not be necessary to connect the Smartphone with any external service to use the RCS chat service. Initially, this system will only be available to users in the UK and France at the end of June.

From Google, They pointed out that phone companies that so want can implement this technology among their service offerings. As it does, for example, Claro and Movistar with WhatsApp. In that sense, RCS will progressively expand to other countries.

At the same time they described in detail that RCS would be like a "highly enhanced" evolution of outbound SMS. Even though users are not using them at all, they will be able to select applications that offer them more features like WhatsApp or Telegram.

In addition to Rich Communications Services, Google intends to offer the same functionality as instant messaging applications in the Phone Messaging application. For example, group conversations, status messages, message reading confirmation, viodelalamadas or emoji.

On that way, the user could use all these tools without the need to download third-party apps. The main problem with the new Google service is that messages have not been encrypted from the end to the end.

Without any further steps, applications such as iMessage, Telegram or WhatsApp are so protected, and even Facebook says it will do the same in all applications: Zuckerberg's intention is that all platforms are by default encrypted.

Thus, as stated in the The Verge portal, The Product Management Manager in charge of this service, Sanaz Ahari, recognized the need to guarantee the privacy of users in their new service. "We believe that communication, especially messaging, is very personal and that the users have the right to the privacy of their communications," he explained.

In this line, from Google say they will delete messages from their servers as soon as they are delivered to the recipient. "If we save it, it's only for delivery when that person connects," said Drew Rowny, Google Messaging Product Manager.

The same will not happen with sending files like GIFs, photos, or videos, which will keep a bit of time on the servers but without identifying the user to ensure that all recipients can download the file.

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