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Guillermo Barros Schelotto interrupted the silence of Gustavo Alfaro in Boca – 02/01/2019

"I want to go in peace, and I want to thank the supporters, except for winning or losing, not just with me, but with my family." Apart from the pain of not winning in the Copa Libertadores, I leave with the mental peace I have left all I have no words to describe what I feel or what I felt, thank you very much for the supporters, I experienced it as a player and a coach, they are incredible. "

In the body Tukli. Roast. The last time Guillermo Barros Schelotto spoke, he did it well for Boca. Only four days after they lost the finals, no one wanted to lose: the Copa Libertadores against the river. A wound that might never heal. After that, Twin leaned in silence.

News about their future got the foundation for statements. When he finished in 2018, he was confirmed to continue his career at Los Angeles Galaxy, Major League Soccer. But he did not hear him. By this Wednesday. Yes, accidentally or not, a few hours after Gustavo Alfaro signed the contract and became his successor, Guillermo returned to the stage. And what did he say?

"I know the league, I know how important Galaxy is in MLS, so I think it's a great opportunity for me," Mellizo said in a video presentation broadcast via the official MLS network. American team.

Los Angeles Galaxy has already hosted Guillermo Barroso Schelto.

Los Angeles Galaxy has already hosted Guillermo Barroso Schelto.

No, Boca did not say anything. Neither Alfaro. None of the players. It might do this tonight when they will travel to Los Angeles to show up on Thursday (Gustavo will do the same, but for Orlando, where they will meet to make some tests). There will be need to see if Twin, cooler than the anxiety of the lost finals, went a step further.

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