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Half Life 3 and Steam Publisher Migrations: Now or Never?

Half Life 3 is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after games at this time one of the most intriguing, This continuation had several stages of development, and the latest leaks confirmed that it would mark the end of the story of our beloved Gordon Freemann.

However, Valve has decided to cancel everything relating to Half Life 3 and the game never came out of its earliest stage. Gabea Newella did not deny that this game could arrive one day, but it was not materialized, which brought us to limba who refuses to leave.

We can not blame Newell, Steam is a money making machine that did not need an exclusive Valve Game master the digital distribution sector, but the situation is beginning to change and can lead the company into a complicated situation.

Businesses like EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda They decided to use their own digital video distribution platform, a measure that left some triple A headlines outside of Steam, and the same thing happened with other companies that migrated to Epic Store, attracted by income distribution that is more favorable.

This scenario has a cause for concern. This could end up with the loss of all developers and publishers of the first level and be pushed into the secondary plane, The re-development of exclusive games, such as the expected Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 2, could bring you back part of that size lost.

The re-development of exclusive three-way A games would be Valve's first major option, but I honestly think that he would also have to finish negotiations with developers and publishers if he wanted to avoid mass exodus at the Epic Store. This is not something that will happen in the short term, but everything we see now is everything a wake-up call, and Valve must not be ignored.

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