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He hired the employee because he could not pick up the shipment

December 31, 2018

The young man jumped over the counter to hit the manager, realizing that the delivery service was over.


in Silver, And young went to retire entrusts to Bus Terminal, and realized that the delivery service had ended, he gave it to him brutal beating employees who attended the counter. The event was recorded by local security cameras and happened last weekend at the Platabus cashier, operating at the terminal located on streets 4 and 42.

young man jump over the chop and hires the office worker until he is pushed to the corner and punched with a fist, as can be seen in the pictures.

The incident witnesses told the local media that this man was angry he was informed that the schedule of shipment, who is in charge of another company, it's over, slogan bugle.

I had to retreat him entrusts who sent from the health resort Pinamar, as is known.

Before the terrible reaction, the woman who was waiting to attend was escaping in fear. In the meantime, the other client went to help an emergency employee and they fled. For his part, the aggressor, who was out of control at the moment, looked at the office papers in search of his package.

The fact has caused it excitement among staff that he worked for those hours in the Terminal.

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