Tuesday , May 18 2021

He lost Belgran and it hurts: he won Godoy Cruz, but it was not enough to continue in the Super League

Belgrano She fell down. Target Mauricio Cuero for 1-0 over Godoy Cruz has not arrivedFailed Whether in other stadiums all that was not supposed to happen Patronage imposed by Argentinos, San Martin de Juan was more than a workshop and The tiger swept the river, Belgrano, Sanjuaninos and Tigre went to B, San Martin de Tucumán had already left.

About 30,000 people saw Belgrano's latest work in Superliga 2018-2019, The game with Godoy Cruz ended the first cycle that began with epic promotion at the River in 2011 promotion.

Belgrano returns to B Nacional. She fell down. And it is painful to the masses that met Alberdi's Gianta at each meeting of this campaign and the last two, who were also hated to do so. the team loses its place in elite Argentine football.

Belgrano had to win both I expect the defeat of Patronata in Paraná, which never came, Belgrano had to defeat some time ago and could not. Belgrano made a bad campaign this season and fell to a place he did not want to return.

And now? There is time for analysis of why what happened has occurred, though the reasons appear in a visible place. B, now comes the time for reconstruction and decision making in all areas.

Belgrano closed the campaign at 24 points, with four wins, 13 draws and nine defeats. Along with San Lorenzo was the team that won the smaller game. The pirate fell on B along with San Martin de Tucumán, San Martín de San Juan and Tigre.

The season that comes from National B will play with 32 teams, divided into two zones. There will be two promotions for the Superbike 2020-2021.
Belgrano lowered the pain. Belgrano will have to be born again. He has already done that several times.


From the very beginning, nervous and improper Belgranes was noticed, but he set Godoy Cruz against the goal.

The first was 10 minutes, with Nani's aim canceled at one of the many centers that fell on the stage at Tombina.

While in Alberta came news about the targets of direct rivals in other areas, Belgrano continued to go ahead.

At age 25, Mehring took a naked Lugo who finished off the edge of the small area, and two minutes later, Cuero finished just outside.

The only clear thing he was visiting was a bullet from Merenthe, outside the area, at 32.

Before the end of the first 45 minutes, Belgrano would have another three clear chances: the head of Mendoza on the 36th, a major semi-circle shot from Cuero, which went very close to Mehring's right-hand side on 38th, 45th. Techera's team struck an unlucky match.

Initially, Osella had been at risk of Brunette for Nani and, later, Lencino for Lugo. He redesigned the lines, but he was more exposed to the visitor.

The tonic in the game did not change, but Belgrano was difficult to generate clear situations, especially due to nervousness that grew in minutes.

Until, at age 32, Cuero did not have a fair reward when he managed to break Mehring in his many races.

At that time, Patronato was still winning the game, and San Martin already made another against Taller. Hope disappeared, but at least people could see, in the last game, a team that was at risk of trying to change their luck. Of course, it was late.


Belgrano: César Rigamonti; Juan Patiño, Marcelo Herrera, Matías Nani and Christian Almeida; Federico Lertora; Mauricio Cuero, Marcelo Meli, Maximiliano Lugo and Cristian Techera; Diego Mendoza. DT: Diego Osella.

Godoy Cruz: Andrés Merhing; Nahuel Arena, Brian Alférez, Facundo Rodríguez and Agustín Aleo; Hernán Bernardello; Agustín Heredia, Diego Sosa, Ivan Smith and Miguel Merentiel; Victorio Ramis. DT: Lucas Bernardi.

target: ST, 31m Mauricio Cuero (B).

changes: ST, initially, Juan Brunetta of Nani (B); 7m Valentina Burgo of Smith (GC) and Gonzala Lenčina of Luga (B); 16m Richard Prieto of Ramis (GC); 37m Facundo Barboza, Gutierrez (GC).

Reserved: Mendoza (B); Rodriguez (P).

referee: Patricio Loustau. stadium: Belgrano.




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