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He quoted her in the center of the city to speak and kill: the story of the murder in the bariloche cathedral

The love affair between Valery Copper and Marian Cordy lasted only four months. This happened in the last semester of 2018. A woman's family, a nurse specializing in childhood and the elderly, hardly knew her. Her parents crossed him more than three times and talked without any major significance. For her part, two Coppe children, aged 16 and 9 (from previous marriage), maintained a heartfelt and fun relationship with their mother's partner.

However, everything went wrong when Valeria, a fan of the river and fan, biking and band Patricio Rey and their Redonditos de Ricota decided to disconnect.

Cordi convinced his friends that he could not bear the fact that his partner left him and would be willing to do what he needed to restore the relationship. This never happened and the story's end was awakened by the monster that the man carried inside.

According to confirmed sources of investigation Infobae. Cordi sent Coppu in the morning to meet at four in the afternoon at the cathedral gate, barely half the block from where he worked.

After not discussing each other after separation, a few weeks ago, a man was looking for a meeting with the excuse to talk about what the relationship was, to know how and to show him that he is willing to change some aspects of his personality this would lead to a breakdown.

However, that conversation has never been carried out. A few seconds after the greeting, a few meters from the footsteps of the cathedral in Bariloche, Cordi took out his home-made caliber weapon .22 and killed Coppu in his head, falling to the ground beside her bicycle.

Surprisingly, there were no witnesses who could put their word on the facts. Even in the beginning, it was believed that the woman suffered a blow to her head when she fell off the coil. When emergency aid arrived at this location, it was found that Valeria was shot in the head and headed to the Ramón Carrillo hospital. He died about midnight.

By noon today, Wednesday, investigators have not yet been able to find Cordy, who immediately escapedThe plaintiff in the case is Betiana Cendón and all the evidence so far gathered They took the ex-boyfriend Coppe as a feminist.

According to what you could find out Infobae. Cordi confirmed the authorship of the crime to his closest friends and pointed out his intentions to commit suicideTherefore, the National Gendarmerie and the local police Today they work from the early days to find their place of residence as soon as possible.

As a result of the surveillance of the center of Bariloche, it was possible to check if Cordi arrived and quickly retired with his car at the time the attack occurred. Even so, the audiovisual record could not capture the exact moment of the picture.

Today in the morning, investigators found an abandoned car at the door of a friend's house. Nevertheless, he never entered that address. By the last minute, Prosecutor Cendón himself carried out his home search and raking at various points of the site to find the chief defendant.

According to research sources, Cordi has had problems with drug addiction in the past months. In addition, In 2016, the other woman was accused of "sexual assault" but was finally released for lack of evidence.

Friends and social groups today called for a walk in six o'clock in the afternoon from the corner of Onelli and Brown Street to the Civic Center. However, the parents of the victim were asked not to display banners or political messages during the demonstration.

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