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He wanted to attack the house and fire 11 times a 7-year-old chronicle girl

A seven-year-old girl was injured by 11 thugs by a thief who came to rob her home in the Florentine Varela party in Buenos Aires, which she recognized as a neighbor, and was later arrested.

Girl by the name Morena Valentina, remains interned in stable condition, although observed for drainage in sting injured lungs.

The fact, which was released on Monday, happened on Sunday at 11.30 in a house on 1335 at the height of 1000 Varela Florent who stepped in to steal a man out of the window after entering the balcony.

According to sources, that window looked into the room of a girl who, when she saw him, recognized him as a neighbor in the area.

When he found out, the delinquent applied him to a minor about 10 kittens in his chest and arms, after which he fled. The wounded girlfriend first moved her to a health center in front of the house where she was sent to the Mi Pueblo hospital.

There he was operated and hospitalized in the booked condition, according to the first medical report.

Department Agents and DIL Quilmes identified as suspects for the attack of an assistant mason Iván Fernando Cáceres, who lives in the block from the scene of the attack and was arrested at the disposal of the decentralized Functional Teaching Unit of that district, accused of attempted murder.

The neighbors destroyed the house and tried to lure it. There was a moment of extreme violence when residents of that place learned what this beast did. The defendant's mother said it "She did not intend to take control and handed over the knife she was attacking with the baby"they said Chronicle HD residents of that area.

Last night, a girl was sent from Mi Pueblo Hospital to the Quilmes Children's Clinic, where she entered "aware, can speak but can not eat solid food due to lung drainage that keeps blood from the body," medical sources said.

His mother, Flavia, said the channel this morning PHONE that he is an aggressor "It's a neighbor" and that everything happened yesterday morning when they slept.

"We slept, I heard a horrible scream of my daughter and when we did, I was bathed in blood"she said anxiously.

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