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How to "exclude" WhatsApp so no boss does you mind – 30.01.2019

Many people in their jobs have a demanding boss who always distracts employees through mobile tasks, even out of time. The solution for many people was to turn off the phone right away when leaving the job and switch it on until the next dayBut there are other ways that are not so drastic to protect your WhatsApp messages or notifications, and messages will be marked with a "double check" of any color.

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Basically, this will allow you to completely shut down one or more applications without turning off your phone. There are multiple apps that will enable us, but the most versatile and most popular on Android is Block Apps. This free program allows you to set application blocking schedules with complete flexibilityFor example, you can block WhatsApp all through the afternoon and all night and automatically restart the following morning.

Block applications The most virtual and most popular application for Android for

Block applications The most popular and popular Android app for "turning off" WhatsApp.

You can do this with all the apps you want, even if you think that you are hindered while studying or working. In general, Block Apps allows you to set spending limits in your digital life. If the application is not active, it will not cause headaches, although it will always be possible to react quickly in emergency situations.

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Even if you have Google Pixel, with the version of Android 9.0, you can do this from the application's own settings, where you have to select "Digital Wellbeing" or "Digital Wellbeing". Here you will see which apps you use more and more useful information, but we want to block apps. You can do this by entering "Dashboards" or "Dashboards" and selecting the maximum customized time of 0 hours and 0 minutes in the applications you want: for example, WhatsApp or the desired email program.

On the other hand, you can use the included system on your iPhone apple called "Time of Use". You can find it in the "Settings" app and do the same as the previous one. You just have to specify which apps you allow yourself to use for a certain amount of time. In case you want to avoid discomfort or distress with WhatsApp or company email, select these apps and make the zero limit and go.

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