Sunday , May 9 2021

"How would the bomb carrier look like?"

The video was made virulent in which Juan Darthés played the game of destroying the bomb owner in the Veronika Lozano program.

While serving as a refuge in Brazil after a colleague's accusation Thelma Fardin for rape, actor Juan Darthés avoid social networks and all possible participation in the media, in the public agendas.

Celebrate Juan Darthesa's New Year with his wife and children in Brazil

However, the networks do not give up, and each and every time the material they put on the magnifying glass Juan DarthésHere, for example. This is a video showing how an actor "plays" a controversial game in Veronica Lozano.

It's about a bombing game and participation Darthés was held in January 2017. "How would you carry these panties? 18, 17, 20? An older adult better!"Ask Lozano." Darthés.

In the middle of laughter, Darthés answers Luozan and gives some personal statements about his sexual preferences:Sometimes I like to do things, and sometimes not". Today Veronica Lozano is one of the most loud opponents Juan Darthés.

This is a controversial video:

Source: Andes.

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