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Huge pad Pia Shawa while trying to drive an electric skateboard

Radio mitra shows

January 30, 2019

The event occurred in the parties involved. The driver failed to overcome the skateboard and went to the floor.

Paused in the middle of information Included (America), the look of a financial user Ramiro Marra about his "Balance of the scooter", some sort of electric skateboard, for which it was a leg Pía Shaw I decided to make the first live tour.

In full flirtal television, the host and the columnist visited the studio on their devices Mariano Iúdica He served as a deity. Everything happened on the wheels, literally, until suddenly, devout encountered an unexpected obstacle when he wanted to pass behind the table he was occupying Luis VenturaThe warnings of his colleagues warned him about it there was a cable that would complicate the passage.

For a few seconds, the joke has become viral on social networks. Shaw He gave it a pure laugh. His comrades could not keep the laugh. They are the happiest Mariano Iúdica, who is in charge of the cycle, and a panelist Cora Debarbieri

Pía Shaw

Fortunately, devout He did not suffer any injury. "Follow me, follow me, I can not stop", said, before the fall, devout in Iudica. "I like for you"I commented Mariano in black. He was thinking of a cub Ramiro Marras, invited to the program.

"Ay, Marian." Do not worry about me!she asked. There, one of the panels warned her to wear a cord. "Look, Pia." There was no case. And Shaw kissed the canvas.

Video | Mariano Irida was surprised by the kiss of Pía Shawa and he was liquidated on social networks

"Good to me, I", complained the reporter, laughing when she got out of the country after diving. then, devout he blamed his prospect, an expert in handling an unusual vehicle: "You did not take care of me." Then he approached a friend Cora Debarbieri: "Stop laughing!" However, the laughter was heard again involved only the replay of bloopers has been repeated, with the protagonist of the accident as the greatest temptation.

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