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"I do not burn my hands for everyone": Mica Viciconte was furious with rumors of unbelief

Fabián Cubero and Nicole Neumann had a long and idyllic relationship, but when the end came, they ended up in the worst way! Since then, they have moved to the endless media struggle from which he came to participate Mica Viciconte, a new girlfriend of footballers. That is why the news that this week circulated about the alleged adventures of Cubero and Neumanna attracted great attention.

immediately, mica He put the chest on the information and sent the letter. "I talked to Cesar yesterday, because they want to fuck my life without me, too lying," he said in a dialogue with Incorrectas. "There is a portal saying that Fabian and Nicole have returned to half a lover." Fabian sent him, he is angry, "he said openly blonde

Installed in Mar del Plato, for the theater season, former participant Bailanda 2018 did not move on the subject. "I talked to him with Fabius and I obviously consulted him, he said," Look, I have nothing to do with her (for Nicole) I'm not talking, I talk most to ask at what time I go looking for girls, but I'm not going to the house and waiting for them outside ", He clarified nice model.

"She has no connection, even at all times when I saw her and she was on the voyage, so there were never any meetings," she told Allegro's father, Indians and Sienes, the fiancée of her relationship with Nicole. That made him feel annoyed and sent a letter with a letter, "he added quickly to the paneling cycle of Moria.

"When I saw the news, I passed WhatsApp to grab a three-point portal, I noticed that at some point they saw some of the girls and everything was mixed, but that did not happen," he said. Viciconte, And she closed very confident and strong: "If I put my hands in the fire?" I do not throw hands on anyone, but I believe in our relationship. "

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