Tuesday , May 18 2021

"I felt like a technician treated me like trash"

Far from Cruz Azul, a national footballer, Walter Montoy, talks to Radio La Rossa and sharply criticizes his former coach, Pedro Caixinha and Sports Director. Ricardo Pelez for abuse. I felt like a technician treated me like trash. On training I did it to feel the best and it does not hurt me in games. The club and the fans have played 10, but Caixinha and Pelez, very bad, "confirmed chaqueo.

The midfielder is now looking for a way out to regain his best level, the one who made him play in one of the novels last summer when set up by Xeneize and Millionaire."Stay in my memory when they wanted Boca and River at the same time", I remember the football player. Also, do not hide your intentions to return to Rosario Central: "It's in my heart. Central is like my mom or dad: when one is bad, look for their embrace"Manistet.

A few days ago Cruz Azul explained the situation in Argentina:The Monto theme, to clarify and not continue to speak things, we have the rule that when we make a call, in that call the players know it the first 11 are those who will play, then those who go to the bench and those who travel to be in the team to train or in exceptional cases be s U-20 ".

And he continued: "In the Montoja case, he looked at the call as it was made for the trip to Monterrey and since he was not at 18, He did not show up at lunch with the rest of the group and went home, what happened. We need to make decisions for the group, not in an individual way, "said the Technical Director.

Walter Montoya cost him around $ 7 million team "Cementero", after the player came from Sevilla de Espaa. After a year his performance dropped and during this semester he played little and nothing. The reality is that the blue team wants at least to recover 5 million what I invested. Guild of Brazil He showed interest in Argentina, but Montoja's main wish is to return Rosario Central, Argentina.

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