Friday , April 16 2021

“I prefer not to talk about my private life”

How the scandals continue between Luciana Salazar and Martin Redrado after their relationship was whitewashed and later photos of him with another woman appeared in Miami, in “Scandal show”, Mercedes Ninci discovered that the economist maintains conversations and conversations with Tamara Bella.

“I don’t think Redrado is interested in Salazar. He calls my friend every day. “said the journalist in the driving cycle Rodrigo Lussich on the screen America.

“She’s in Argentina and he’s in Miami and they talk every day since the end of December,” Ninci said. “I don’t like coming to TV shows to warm up chairs. I like to give spatulas. Redrado has been calling my friend Tamara Bella every day for more than two months. ” threw a bomb to Ninci.

-Tamara Bella-

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“There are many candidates and they are all famous. Tamara answers because she is educated and because she admires him as an economist, and he writes to her because she is a goddess. But I don’t want to get into all that butter … because I like running my current business. “ convinced and clarified that the messages “Very high correspondence.” contacted Tamara bella who just said: “I can tell you that I’m dedicated to my daughter, to my career because I’m going to shoot a series soon. I set everything up there and I’d rather not talk about my life.

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