Monday , May 17 2021

"If there is no love …", Gimena Accardi left a message for 2019 with a selfie drink

This time of year serves to balance what has happened in the last months and to begin projecting what is coming. Famous people often conduct this type of analysis, but the message that Gimena Accardi the public on social networks had many repercussions to the extent that the actress became a trend on Twitter.

par Nicolsa Vzqueza omitted a picture of perfection that is usually shown and taken selfie that was recently lifted, his face washed and disheveled. The photo was posted on Instagram with a message in which his more than three million followers called his mind.

"Chau 2018. I forgive you with this self-portrait, no makeup, or filters, with 96% moisture, half-looking in my bushes, thinking about what to do with it," Acardi said in the first part of the message I received from 300,000 likes and a lot of comments.

The actress followed the wishes for the following year: "By 2019, I'd like to be more realistic, more authentic, kind and more kind to ourselves and to others." If there is no love, there is nothing. yourself, to be able to love and accept the other. "

Recently, there have been many famous people who have joined this type of move. Juan Viale, Sol Prez, Laurent Fernandez, Wanda Nara, Lali Espsito, China Surez were some of the television characters who joined the so-called "No-Makeup" trend, rejecting the imposition of beauty on women.

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