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If you have children, you can not sleep well until you are six years old

A famous sketch Les Luthiers He said that "children are the joy of life". Although we do not doubt this statement, we do not have good news this time. Have researchers from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom), the German Institute for Economic Research and the University of West Virginia (United States) discovered how the arrival of a child affects their parents' dreams and when the situation is normalized.

According to the results published in the scientific journal dreamSatisfaction and duration of sleep are seriously affected after childbirth. The biggest decrease in these factors occurs when a small issue is 3 months old.

As far as gender is concerned, the study has shown that women are more affected than men, regardless of whether or not they are. In that sense, on average they lose one hour of sleep per night, compared to sleep time before pregnancy. People, only 15 minutes.

Here the results are well known, especially if you have children. However, there is another conclusion that even surprised scientists. Parents' sleep patterns do not return to normal until children are 6 years old.

"Our results show reality: that Moms are still more attentive to the role of primary caretakers, compared to their parents, "said Sakari Lemola, one of the authors of this paper, in a dialogue with foreign media. However, "both women and men are deprived of sleep for up to six years after birth," he added.

Of course, the average time lost per night is not constant. As children grow, the loss of sleep decreases. When boys age 4 to 6, their parents continue to decline by 15 minutes, but mothers improve the situation: their average is 20 minutes less than before pregnancy.

"The short-term effects of birth were already known and our investigation confirmed them we did not expect other problems to last for six years"The scientist confessed."

It's from today World Day of Sleep, we do not want to disclose this information. The encouraging part of the article is that decline in vacation is more affecting new parents than those who already have children. But if that's not enough, here you can find five tricks for kids to fall asleep and the seven rules of sleep hygiene that apply to adults.

Remember that A lack of rest can lead to health problems, especially as far as the heart is concerned. If you still have trouble worrying about this, you can try out the scientific method that US soldiers use to sleep for less than two minutes.

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