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"I'm alive with wonder," says a young woman who is almost beaten to death by anesthesiologist – March 15, 2019.

More than two years have passed since the anesthesiologist Gerardo Billiris (42) had been abused by him, beaten to death and nearly killed him, but Belén Torres (22) is still unaware of TV shows showing her naked face, her face and her eyes nose from a day spent at the hospital, on the verge of death. But this is not another life or some other woman. That is just this Friday, the day after the punishment for her aggressor has made an effective 24-year-old thinking of restoring her life.

He does not cry or tremble. It's a whole. Remain strong, always accompanied by her family and most of all, her father, Ruben, who cares about her and holds her in every embrace as a superhero shield: "My dad is the greatest there, facing everyone. My mom and my brothers have always been with me and it has allowed me to be a little advances.

Belen Torres, after a verdict condemning her assailant. Photo: Lucía Merle

Belen Torres, after a verdict condemning her assailant. Photo: Lucía Merle

On Thursday, the Federal Oral Court number 8 Billiris was sentenced to 14 years in prison there is a mixture of feelings in Bethlehem. On the one hand, he is dissatisfied (his lawyer Fernando Burlando has asked for 50 years and the prosecution is 27 years old) because he thinks that time in prison is not enough, but at the same time he knows that there are hundreds of cases even you get the conviction.

"You have to accept what the judge said, I mean all women who condemn and who are not heard, then I think I'm lucky. But that should not be so. It is time to change it, "says Belén at her home in Albu Bonzi where she got it bugle.

On January 30, 2017, a young woman went to Billiris House because they entered into a working relationship. They met the social network Tinder and he hired her to be his assistant. Billiris led the life of drug addiction as he went to the Military Hospital. According to Belén, he lived using a crack. "He was always drugged, I never saw him sober. Before he went to work he used drugs." he intended to work, and he was taking drugs. Nervous"He remembers.

Anesthesiologist Gerardo Billiris in Comodoro Py. Thelma

Anesthesiologist Gerardo Billiris in Comodoro Py. Thelma

On the night of the beating, he asked her to take care of his home in Palermo, and when he returned from work late at about 2am, torture began: "He came and grabbed the cocaine stick and burned him." He said that he smoked when I was the inhaler covered his nose and mouth with his hand, grabbed me with tachycardia and began to pray for help. I thought I would dieI lay on bed and he lay beside me. He grabbed the pipe and lit it again. Again I told him I felt bad and he told me to stay calm, to close my eyes and not to think, "he said.

A few seconds later, Billiris started to beat him. First blows, then blows. He screamed to kill her. She ran as far as she could to the shield and began to scream until the neighbor had called for the police. The next recollection is that he woke up internally at Itoiz de Avellaneda Sanatario without understanding what happened: "They did not want me to give me a mirror so I would not see how it looked." I was scared when they brought me a glass of water and sorbet could not show me on my mouth because I had a lot of pulses. Today I think about it and I think so I'm alive a miracle".

-Billiris used the last word before the jury to apologize and say he was sorry for what he did.

– No words. He also said he wanted to raise his daughter but never thought of her when he attacked me. He used it to regret the judges.

Bethlehem also speaks of his future. His greatest desire now is to compensate for lost time between the night and nightmares: "I dreamed that I was locked, captured without seeing the light. People who hit meThey raped me and raped me. But that is a little bit lost, and I'm better off. Now he is studying as a garden teacher and eight months out with Hector, a young neighbor from the area who understands and listens to her every time she needs it.

Belén Torres at Avellaneda clinic in February 2017. Photo Diego Díaz,

Belén Torres at Avellaneda clinic in February 2017. Photo Diego Díaz,

In one of the interviews he made on Thursday, when Billiris was convicted, Belén said he was ready to advise and support every woman who was suffering from a man's violence: "Today I woke up and had a cellphone message. I was a 16-year-old girl who she said she had been abused by a family member and did not know how to report. I wondered how I could do it.

Do you think there is a need for more women's restraint policies?

Of course it is necessary, what has been achieved so far. We have to listen much more, there are more centers for women, places where they can stay safe, where they are safe and can say without fear of suffering.

– How do you agree with the show?

Many people in the neighborhood stop and encourage me. Others congratulate me on courage and not lowering my arms. But I'm not an example, I'm in a place I did not pick. For example, I did not look for this interview, but here I am, and I think what I say can be useful to many girls who have gone through something like this, or maybe they can avoid it. You do not have to be ashamed, not half. I gave my face because I felt I had to do it.

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