Tuesday , May 18 2021

"I'm not obsessed …", surprise Cristiano Ronaldo

After an unexpected transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo It took him several months to become the undisputed leader of the Italian "diva". For this reason, the crack of Signore Vecchia underwent a deep interview with the Portuguese newspaper Rcord in which she mentioned what she had been doing in the past 12 months, individual awards, probable return to the Portuguese team, the future of football, and even a complaint of a breach I got from women.

These were the most prominent phrases of Christian sincere:

– "I'm not obsessed with individual awards, It's important to help the team win, everything else is a natural consequence. And the same speech is true for the records, What matters is more and more improvements.

– "I'm not afraid I'm happy when I win, but it's not even the end of the world when that is not the case, I'm not always thinking about breaking the board, mostly doing it to help the club and being at its best. I respect the decision of the one who votes, but I think numbers speak for themselves. "

– "The technical, tactical and physical level of all teams improved, winning becomes more and more complicated and that is why I have to work harder to stay on topthe victory is beautiful and that is something that makes me happy, but if it is not, it is not the end of the world. "

– I'm going to come back in 2019 available to Portuguese technical staff".

– "It was my fifth victory in the Champions League and the third consecutive of Real Madrid, but I can not stop thinking about my arrival at Juventus, where I was very well received."

"I still want to improve and help my team win trophies, I have no year or goal to finish, I feel that I work very well in all aspects andhey do work to resume the ace for a few years".

Every day I feel enthusiastic to play football at the highest level. I feel enthusiastic every day to do what I like most. I still feel the motivation to give the maximum in all exercises, all exercises.

"I'm sorry to see the situation in the club of my heart (Sporting from Lisbon), which is also very worse." On the other hand, I'm happy to return to Nani's home, where we grew up as players and men. "

– "It was difficult to see my family upset about the news (accusation of raping Kathryn Mayor), but they know that I will never be able to do it from what they accused me of, I have rebelled and they too, I have quite a quiet conscience and I believe I will be clear soon. "

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