Thursday , May 6 2021

In a few hours after returning to "But El Mundo," Marley told the intimacy of her journey with Susan Giménez

Marley returns to television with her classic travel program Worldwide (at 22, Telefe) with a very special guest and a mascot in her debut: her friend Susana Giménez, the head of his son Mirko. Last year they made the first cycle of a Sunday in New York, and this year it will do with New Zealand.

More than ten days ago the work team recorded the notes to be issued in the first program, which would have a specialty Do a "duplex" with Buenos Aires with Lizy Tagliani, who will make a special version Fair price which preceded the debut of Marley, so that tonight there will be three top-selling Telefea: Susana, Marley and Lizy, in a big league match for the premiere time.

Driving a driver will continue with multiple destinations and guests. As expected teleshow only, he will arrive Lali Esposito, Jimena Baron, Tini Stoessel, Elizabeth Vernaci and Humberto Tortonese, with destinations to travel from Taiwan to Indonesia, across Egypt, Croatia, Ibiza, Cancun, Japan, Thailand and Israel.

But this first cab ride is especially fun; something like a journey of graduates because Susana is the most important guest, Marley's friend and her team, is the head of her babies and is practically a family. Do not miss the side of the dive – she travels with a makeup artist and a personal assistant – the driver is smiling all the time, as when her microphone shows songs from the first season of her program. Hi, Susan, located on the platform for digital streaming music Spotify. "It was a golden note "Diva laughed as she listened to "Gitano amor," one of her hits.

The whole team is in the same hotel and is having funTogether they breakfast and share notes and go to eat everywhere. There are also program producers that are part of a friend's bar, Federico Hoffman in command; and Marley's best friend, Nicolás Mart, which helps a lot in disposing Mirko, which is already telling you ponytail Susan. The grandson of the dive is known –Lucia and Manuel, children of Mercedes Sarrabayrousse"She never told her" grandma ", but so, and now even the little Mirko calls it that. Susana lives by purchasing gifts and destroying them without stopping: the photos and videos she or crew add to Instagram, the wave between her and her baby is spectacular.

teleshow he could talk to the driver Worldwide only in working hours, and told us about the journey and a special relationship with Susan Giménez: "I travel with Mirko's nurses, who help me when we go to the note that because of the time or the content is wrong. She is present, or always follows us, Susana traveled with his makeup artist and his assistant Marcel, who dreams of accompanying us, breakfast together, go to dinner and dine together. It's like a trip to a graduate student".

After the live performance tonight – there are fourteen hours of difference with New Zealand – Susana will continue her journey alone to spend a few days vacationing in her home in Miami, before what will be his return to TV with his program, from mid-June to early July.

This year, the return of the big screen will be in the format He has talent in Argentina it, as provided for solely teleshow. will be broadcast within its own program, It is still not known whether it is often weekly or biweekly, on Sundays or at night of the week.

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