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In the middle of the scandal with Jimenom Barón, Daniel Osvaldo focuses on Italian "Dancing".

Last year Jimena Barón appeared in bailando, reaching the final and losing solidly against the cash Sofia Morandi and Julian Serrano.

And, although it is still unknown whether a singer and actress will be in this year's edition, that's exactly what which will be part of the famous event, but thousands of miles further, his former, Daniel Osvaldo. The musician will be one of the participants Dancing with the Stars, something like bailando from Italy.

"For dancing there is no hell." Echo my beautiful ballet dancer ", wrote a former footballer on his Instagram account Veera Kinnunen, a sensual Swedish dancer who will follow him on the track and who has also shared various posts alluding to his partner in his own social network account.

Besides, the former in front of the bottle he participated in a group photo with other celebrities who will be part of the new season cycle Italian RAI, including a nun family from a European country participating in the virus Vote from that country and managed to win the competition; the former senator Antonio Razzi; and the Norwegian model Lasse Matberg, better known as "sexy viking" on Instagram.

Recall, Osvaldo participated in the popular cycle in the midst of a media battle with his ex-wife and mother of his son Morrison.
It all started with a tweet that the actress wrote on the social network as a joke, in which he spoke ironically about the profession of a former player who is currently running a rock band.

"Dear Garden: These are all the information I have. I promise to improve the next child, the artist said, explaining that the institution asked her to fill out a form with information about her and her former.

"Name dad? " he pointed out the question to which the singer answered correctlyHowever, he left empty fields on the phone and the mail of the former footballerIn the "occupation" section, Baron complained of his honesty and wrote: "I have no idea".

It's provoked the immediate reaction of former Roma, Juventus and Inter players, among other clubs who were questioning her son's video sharing in social networks where the child says words like "vagina", "whistles" or ass. "

After watching the video and reading the words of a former footballer, the singer replied again to social networks: "I'm in the line! I work zen every day, saying" there is no need ", "you have a baby," "it's not worth it," "do not give up," but the order I have … "

Then she looked back at her cousin because she chose her father's son and how she "learned" the next time she wanted to be a mother. "Because someone as a single mother, like you, forbids everybody and always liked that dose of guilt to say: Where did you decide to give birth?". It does, in part, make you silent. If someone speaks and ventures to have a babe with a baby, he does not even say good about it. I forgave myself. That's what I said & # 39; was & # 39; In the future I put the chips, you gave him the stone, well, I learned. Above all, when you see that the terrain has shaken, I've learned not to grow, "he said.

"And if it happens that you have multiplied, cuddles, we are all united, networked, women empowered. He grew up with love and explained: "That's what Mom did, she decided it and now takes responsibility"Sami, forward, laboring, paying the rent, paying the school, living in a land that leaves $ 600,000 for the purchase of canned tuna and cane cuttings. Connect the cable to Disney, $ 42! Get him on vacation … old men. Nothing is happening, I repeat. It's the second time Disney goes to the kid, "he murmured.

"Motherhood, beautiful motherhood, as difficult as a couple and alone or tell them … Well, many women know that, I am happy, I love my son, that's the best thing that happened to me in life and all that I do pleasure and passion but you do not have a cup, please. my humor and what I said to myself as a joke, thank you, papa, thank you, because in reality none of this is ridiculous. Nothing that has happened and what is happening on a day that applies to you is ridiculous. If I put the humor, thank you – he told his ex.

He also made it clear he would not threaten him "by pointing things out, because it would be stupid." "I will not do it because I have a five year old son, who is wonderful, who is the only thing that matters to me, to be happy and well," he explained.

"Yes, I can recommend you to close the ortho. They know nothing, they think they know, but they have no idea, And to all the mothers who themselves believed in their children, because raising their children something else, sending them a huge embrace, all my admiration and affection. If nobody ever scares them, harasses them, does not shake them, or tries to judge how they are like mums themselves"He added that he would then recall the criticisms of his former words on the words his son says in the videos he publishes on social networks."

"The vagina is not a bad word. I learned about vagina, penis, delivery, and menstruation. And tomorrow I will explain the lining, to use it, to take care of women, and not to become a father if he does not know or dislike him, "she remarked.

"If I look like a mother shit, she should come and educate him. To be a fucking mommy and make this fucking father"he concluded.

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