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Independiente celebrated in Rosario and entered South America – 04/07/2019

It's a comforting reward for this independent this was a reduction in goals as the season progressed and did not re-unite with its play. With a 2: 1 win he scored in rosary ago central for the goals of Pabla Perez and Martina Beníteza, came to him to secure a place in the Copa Sudamericana 2020.

To come forward, Red It must have been behind. For although he started better and even fired at Pablo Pérez, he found the penalty half an hour of the game. Néstor Ortigoza, field specialist, did not give Martin Campani a chance and put 1: 0.

This result attracted the picture of the first phase of the Super League Cup with a very special cross: it left everything defined for the classic rosary in the first stage. But Independiente did not want it.

In the run-off to the end of the first half, Ariel Holana turned in a tackle. It was first connected by Pablo Pérez, formerly leprousThen, with the outstanding Chilean, Martín Benítez put his team at the traffic light.

With the victory, the Order came to him to secure his qualification for South America next year and finished seventh as the top of the 20 teams to start in the first phase of the Super League Cup.

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