Monday , May 17 2021

"It should not exist": astronomers reveal something weird in the dwarf star of the Milky Way

A group of scientists from the Canadian Islanders' Astrophysics Institute (IAC) and the University of Cambridge discovered that old dwarf star J0023 + 0307 contains lithium, one of the lightest metals, as published on Tuesday.

J0023 + 0307, ​​which is up to 9,450 light years from our planet, was discovered in February last year in the aureola of the Milky Way. Carlos Allende Prieto, co-author of a study published when the star was found, concludes that, considering its low content in metal – specifically carbon – the heavenly body like this should "never exist". Also, the article suggests that this discovery "casts doubt on the formation of a small-mass star star model in the early universe."

Researchers believe this is a discovery can provide information key to creating atomic nuclei during. t Big bang, "This primitive star surprises us because of the high content of lithium and possible relationship with the original lithium formed in the Big Bang," says chief author David Aguado.

Also, scientists point out that J0023 + 0307 is similar to our Sun, though it has a poorer metal content than our stars. From its composition, researchers believe that the star was created during the first 300 million years of space.

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