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Jaime Duran Barba rejects radical dust and admits that Macri even with Cristin – 04/07/2019

Jaime Duran Barba, chief consultant Mauricia Macri, dismissed the idea that the formula for the president should be re-elected, and the vice president of the Radical Union.

"Velasco Ibarra was elected five times for the President of Ecuador and was downgraded four times by the vice-president, defining the vice-president as a" decisive conspirator. " It is not recommended that a person be presided over by a chairman in a vice presidency"was analyzed in a report published in the Perfil newspaper

In Mexico, the thing was so harsh that they had eliminated the vice president's place. Macros will have to choose someone who is trustworthy for that positionhe added.

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A few days ago, it was announced that the president would vote on the ballots of the radicalism to alleviate UCR's claims on the economic situation.

The Ecuadors also dismissed the possibility of UCR interrupting the change and leaving behind the final candidacy of Robert Lavagne.

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He analyzed that some radical leaders look like leftists and others on the right and compare them to Peronists. "What they call movements made up of people with different …", chicaneó.

Duran Barba re-emphasized Cristine Kirchner's "merits" and said that he was with Macro "shoulder to shoulder" in presidential polls.

And he estimated that defeat in Kirhnerism would mean a "redesigning the whole political scene", before losing leadership of the Senate of the Civic Unit.

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When asked about the election scenario in October and possible re-election of Macri, he replied: "My impression is that this is the same as in other things." , ever faster than 2007, when a number of platforms have changed. And I think there are more and more people here that are also connected to the world and say no, that there is a society where journalists are spitting. It does not seem to me logical that there is a society in which there is a demonstration that claims the guerrilla war … I think That's the only one left".

While it predicts that the economy will improve. – It seems that the economy will improve, If the harvest is very good, there are specific data "

"What I believe that if a new election comes to light, certain foundations are set so that once the economy can seriously build up, It can not be that we have poorer people than other countries that have much less, "he concluded.

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