Saturday , June 19 2021

Jennifer Lopez and Bad Bunny Announce "Te Gusté", Their New and Sensual Music Co-operation

Jennifer Lopez and Bad Bunny joined the voices "Te Gusté", his first and highly anticipated musical collaboration. In a sensual video, JLO warms up the screen with a pair of tiny bikini bellies and various dresses that highlight her impressive figure and show her a toned steering wheel.

The subject speaks of a pair of swapping verses remembering the first time they met.

"But tell me more, you talk a lot and do nothing", Says the interpreter while the rapper feels her silhouette and sings to the artist.

With rhythm and appealing text, "Te Gusté "promises to get to the top of the ladder.

Both supersteries expected to work together. The Latin duo even shared footage after the recording last month video clip in your Instagram account.

Bad Bunny is at its best professional time and for the last time presented cooperation with some of the most prominent artists of today. Last month they joined Drake and started "Mine" and more recently "It's rich"a song along with Marcom Anthony and Will Smith who will be presented for the first time at the Grammy Awards in Latin America in 2018.

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