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Jorge Rial destroys Mirko, Matilde and Dionysius: "Three children …"

These are the children who stole the look of everyone. Mirko, Matilda and Dionisio flooded the nets and children of the year, but Jorge Rial had destroyed them.

The new luxury edition of Caras magazine has babies: Mirko, Matilda and Dionysius. On the cover there are children with their parents and deities Mirth and Susan. Everyone smiles and wears red, black and white tones.

From his program, the Intrusos, Jorge Rial was disgusted by the cover of the end of the year. The protagonists were Susana Giménez and Mirtha Legrand, with Marley, Flavio Mendoza and Luciana Salazar. Those who stand out on the cover are Dionysius and Matilda, with an even greater importance Mirko in the hands of his father.

Rial began his program criticizing the image. "Did you see the title Face, guys? First I did not understand it. I do not understand the term of the ball." Marcela Tauro, who said, "They're all blue."

The main rage of the driver was the look of the cover. "It's ugly, it's a bit dark, no cut-offs, I do not like editorial, artistic, I do not understand." They are like the characters that have nothing to do except children, "Rial said.

"It's not like Marley is not the same as Luli and Flavio, and why Mirth has to be at all the tapas?" At the top of the baby, at the top of the big crowd, at the top of La Rural, the tapes of Susan and Mirth do not sell, they're selling to quilombo, the driver added as he talked about the picture.

What has happened is that from the beginning, the magazine intended to make two tapas. One with Susan Giménez, Mirtha Legrand and Marcel Tinelli. On the other hand, new single-parent families created by Marley, Flavio and Luciano.

The ShowMatch driver missed the announcement because he was angry at the publisher of the magazine. So they had to change the original idea and connect both covers to one. Adrián Pallares also joined the critique, though it was a bit more accurate: "It fires in many places, three children, the blue, the white and the pure, many of the interpretations, Susana, who is not Susan, is Susan half, who do not help the figures It's the body of Luciana Salazar, not Susan, "said a journalist.

Mirko and a very peculiar appearance of this event, but what cancers!

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