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Juana Viale complained on a note by Guido Kaczka – 11/11/2018

They are a hard day for Juana Viale, which comes from the cross with Julia Mengolinijem. Now he added sudden fury with Guido Kaczko after an interview with the driver for his radio cycle It's not all said (100)

Husband from Mirtha Legrand, who promotes his film Towing road, recently released, has visited the cycle Metro and Medium (Radio Metro 95.1) i He freed the discomfort of Kaczki.

"The worst interview I was the one with Guido Kaczko, which I did on the radio, did not ask me anything about the film, "Juanita said, annoyed, adding irony:" At the beginning he told me "a tough lifestyle" and he never asked me anything about the movie. , my friend. "

Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale in the avant-garde premiere of the film

Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale in the premiere premiere of the movie "Camino Sinuoso". (Photos: Movilpress)

Then the actress told her efforts to come in time for the interview: "I arrived on a trip, fourteen hours in flight, I left Ezeiza directly to write a note because it was recorded, so I do not know if you can say that the program was taken .. . and nothing left me as a plop! "

He even talked of another moment of discomfort that he lived with the slogan suggested by the driver: "It made me talk about Joan in a third person, it cost me a lotI'm not Maradona and I misunderstood "i" instead of "Juana". I do not know, it was weird. "

Finally, when asked if he could talk to Kaczk about this situation, Juana explained that she was surprised that she did not dare ask the driver about his attitude. "I went out and said it was crazy that they say that they will talk a bit about the movie, which clearly shows that the artists helped a lot in spreading and then nothing happens. "

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