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Kirchner and Peronism already cross over defeat accounts in Rio Negro – 04/07/2019

Loss from Martín Soria He made the peronism and the provincial charismatic, and he went to examine his leadership in the Rio Negro PJ, his campaign strategy, and even an alliance with Senator Madagascar Odard.

The former "lilith" was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor Sorie. The peronists who were provincial legislators at the same time with Odard continued choked with her choice as a companion of formula: they remember as "the crux of criticism" Cristine Kirchner.

This is more: they propose that because they are so strongly identified with anti-Christianity, there must be "added zero " FpV in the elections this Sunday.

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There are different sectors that have been waiting for Soria to knife and fork. Although he has always talked about the fact that PJ is united under his leadership, that is wrong: outside his scheme there are some serious, such as Senator Miguel Pichetto –Who will vote this Sunday in Sierra Grande?– and Silvina García Larraburu, who has a strong territorial presence in Bariloche, the capital of the province, and integrates Cristine Kirchner's block in the Senate.

"What we all imagined happened and the results are the result of that a sectarian project, authoritarian and free of content"Garcia Larraburu said when the defeat became irreversible." The Soria family ignored the most important representatives of the provinces, comrades and peronist governors and territorial leaders of their communities. "

No deputy Martín Doñate was integrated into the Sorie campaign or in some peronist provincial governors such as Pomona, Campo Grande and Catriel.

"It was sold as a K candidate, but in reality Soria closed only with Kirchnerista with a little territorial presence, such as Nuevo Encuentro, Colin and Evita Movement," says PJ's reference to Soria.

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In 2015, after losing the race for the governor of the province, Miguel Pichetto left his own decision on the local party struggle. This Sunday the peronist leader pointed out: "We'll see what Soria is right now, Pichetto immediately gave the key to the game."

"He was secretive and arrogant, he believed it," he said. bugle this Sunday the leader of the PJ who was not involved in the Soria scheme. "First I thought I should have a personal problem with myself, and then I realized that not, that I was surrounded only by their friends and guardians," he added.

Choosing Odard from the Peronism Sector is also questioned by Soria for having taken a son to a list of provincial agents and "Ja odardizado" his electoral proposal, that is, focusing on environmental issues such as opposition to mining, fracking and installing a nuclear power plant in the province.

If Soria persuaded 11 points Odard wanted in the 2017 election, he was wrong. Since Sunday's election, it is clear that these voices were not FPVs but were scattered.

In sectors aligned with Cristina in the province, make sure the former president has warned in advance that it is unlikely that Soria will win the governor and that he has not been involved in the last part of the campaign.

"It's here." he was the sole responsible for failure, He will not be able to blame anyone for his defeat. And he lost with Arab Carreras, Alberto Weretiet, who had hardly known anyone, "PJ leaders said.

Though he did not mention Sorja, senator Silvina García Larrabura seemed to be referring to him. He said on Sunday when he voted: "This is being discussed in the courts and this is a political drama. We need to have a height, to argue with intelligence. Violence, justice or empty slogans do not help to change the reality of people who are dramatic. "

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