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La Voz Argentina: One of the most prominent competitors got another chance

After losing in such a situation, two coaches wanted her in the team

This Tuesday in

La Voz Argentina

they followed knockout. The first contestants in the fight against the duel were Buenos Aires residents Agustín Iturbide and Emmanuel Francia, from the team


, As was the case since the beginning of this new instance, everyone prepared and presented a song that was selected together with their trainer and was practicing with help

Carlos Vives


Agustín interpreted the subject "I already learned" from Reika, while Emmanuel chose the theme of Camile, "Aléjate de mí".

After listening,


He said, "A priori I thought Augustine would steal, but now I'm inclined towards Emmanuel."

Ricardo Montaner

He agreed, but warned Tini that they might want to persuade her to "pay" Agustín if he let him go.

"Whatever happened, I believe in both." Behind what may happen today, I'll be going through my heart: I'll stay with Agustin, "she found the first.
Violetta, None of the other coaches wanted to "steal" Emmanuel.

Then it was time for the Peruvian Adalí Montero and the Uruguayan Braulio Assanelli to confront each other. The boy was reluctant to interpret "sera," one of Montaner's songs, his coach. In the meantime she played and put her original style in the "Cat under the Rain," the classic Rocío Durcal.

After hearing them,

Soledad Pastorutti

, who was already very interested in Uruguayan blind, pointed out: "I have seen them very well and I do not want to lean for anything." Axel in the meantime said he was "impeccable" what they did, but he showed that "Braulio could win the contest."

"Braulio, I want to see you in the final," finally discovered the author "Cachita". Then it is open to the possibility that some would take Adalí to his team, but no one took advantage of this opportunity.

After that, Salta Aimará Aybar and Agustina Rosales of Cordoba were measured, two girls who became very friendly in the program. The two have accepted the challenge of singing in other languages: Salteña put his voice on classical Edith Piaf, "La vie en rose" and Cordova on "Ho capito che ti amo", Luigi Tenco.

After the presentation, Tina said, "They both told me the story and took me to the place, I can only congratulate them." Axel added: "It's wonderful to have worked and the two are very original."

The only participant was Montanter: "The sun has an important mess, I think Aimará is a character and a singer, but both sang extraordinary good."

"Anyway I will be unjust … I will stay with Agustina," said the interpreter "A don Ata". However, step salteña
Vote it would not end there: and Axel and Tina pressed the button and let it be known that they wanted her in the team. The decision was now her, who was inclined to be part of the Amo team.

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