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Lali Espsito explained the meaning of his song Lindo lindo: Ramos

Lali Espsito they just published a successful song together Thala: Cute, but rough. The controversial topic quickly became a hit despite the many people trying to sabotage it. Many social network users came to ask the artists for a theme that empowered people and talked about them in a dreadful way.

In that time, lali He came to defend himself from Twitter criticism. "As we are women, give us brutal people who believe that with NOVAC and only HEART can fall in love with" polmico ".. actress

now, the former almost angels he acted on the cover of Gente's magazine, where I spoke about feminism, about her career, and explained the meaning of her song to a Mexican goddess. In the beginning, young manas it was possible to work with worry: it is crazy and entertains all the bizarre things that have happened to me. Thala writes to me at Instagram and tells me she likes what I do and "make a world hit" that she had a song we recorded together for her Valiente album. Of course I have a heart attack.

Then she talked about the scandal that created the song. It seems that two women have pointed to such a kind of men who hurt some. It was something humorous, and that's the way we made the video, which is obviously a joke. And added: Obviously some put on a sack, I can not believe it! A cheerleader from the one who raises the car and the clock. This is just something we talked to Thal from the beginning, we knew that this would bring an impact, because in urban music there are more texts misginas than anything else: no women have this type of reading.

We, women, always want to provide the comfort of making songs of love and indifference, and with disgusting lyrics to follow us. And finally, Espsito He denied rumors that the hit devoted Marian Martnez. I did not write the lyrics, I just interpreted it. The song was composed by five composers between Yankee and Latinos, and she sent me a reference, cerr protagonist Acusade.

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