Wednesday , June 23 2021

"Let's not lose the passion, not the head," the emotional video of the fourth grade of a boy before Superfine

The superfinal examination lives in different ways: nerves, cabal and uncertainty. But boys from the Martín Buber school in the Federal Capital decided to take advantage of this opportunity leave a message as hoped as needed.

In a video that shows all the students in the fourth year dressed in the Boca and River T-shirts, the boys are looking for serenity and respect among their rivals.

"People are very nervous, living like a war," says the girl in Bocino's shirt. "We would like to be the protagonists of this superclips, helping us show the world that it is not so," says another who has seen the colors of the river.

In addition, the kids thought of innovative suggestions for changing violence in Argentine football forever. There is a special demand for players, technicians and leaders to set an example.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Marcelo Gallardo, got the idea of ​​a joint press conference after a big game. On two campuses, each other clinging to each other and loser follows the winner's celebration.

Rodolfo Dofovalero and Daniel Angelici, the boys were also thinking about the task: to look together from that box.

The members of both clubs were undoubtedly the best part: boys want to eat barbecue together.

"Do not lose passion, not your head"Conclude in his imaginative and exemplary message. The hope that has become hope for this time is peace, and this historic party is a true party.

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