Tuesday , May 18 2021

Luis Díaza, the three footballers who would be ideal for replacing the damage in the river, fell

Gonzalo Martinez is already a story in the river and will now start a new adventure with Atlanta United of MLS. In order to replace him, a millionaire went to search for columbian Luis Diaz, but the negotiations stopped and it seems that this will continue in the Junior Barranquillas.

Although it seems to be Juan Fernando Quintero who will inherit the number 10 of pity, it is true that, despite his talent, his game features are not comparable to those of the soccer player who left and therefore the river board went to the market.

The arrival of Diaza has fallen, the range of players with similar conditions in Martinez is small, though there are three options worth keeping in mind. Even though the arrival of any of them to the current market makes it incredible, it is good to consider them as an option in the future.

Matías Vargas: Vélez was already tried out of Europe and Brazil, but decided to continue at the moment in the club that formed him as a football player. There seems to be no other player in the Argentine Superliga with terms similar to those of Pitya: speed, imbalance and good looks when looking for one on the one hand, except for having a good mid-range shot.

Oscar Romero: during his stay in Racismo, Paragvajac proved that his conditions as driblers are compatible with the rate of football as well as Argentina. Today it seems to be exiled to the Chinese Super League, but talent is intact. Maybe this is the biggest possible option.

Emiliano Rigoni: although he has at least a gambert of three, he compensates his speed to get rid of the brand. He can only swivel in from an opponent, he has to disuse and the ball goes miles. Of course, Russian Zenit is looking for too much money for him and even if the loan is unlocked, his salary may look very high for Argentine football.

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