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Luis Ventura announced that he will resign as chairman of Aptra

November 10, 2018 – 10:47
A journalist will leave the office on November 25 after delivering Martín Fierro de Radio

Luis Ventura today announced that after delivering Radio Martina Fierro – scheduled for November 25 – resigns to the presidency of the Association of Journalists of Television and Argentine Radio (APTRA).

"While I drive alone to Luján, and unconsciously and irrevocably after the delivery of the next Martin Fierro de Radio, I will announce my resignation … with no return," Ventur revealed afternoon with a message on Twiter.

And he added: "I thank everyone for everything that helped me, do not call me.

Martín Fierro de Radio will be delivered on November 25 at the Sheraton hotel, and according to the Venture tweet, he would leave the office for the next few days.

Ventura assumed office in December 2015 when he won 33 votes in the 26 election that won Jorge Lafaucci and 22 won Guillermo Sciacaluga, his predecessor at the office.

In December 2017, after being commissioned to deliver the Martin Fierro Award, Ventura announced that it will manage the management at the helm of the association.

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