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Macri made a officer and appointed friends of friends to the Supreme Court of Justice

Mauricio Macri On Wednesday, he formalized a list of judges for the Supreme Court involving an attorney in charge of your family's business and a personal private lawyer, And a lawyer from Grupo Clarín, lobbyist and court operative of the Government Ricardo Gil Lavedra and several members legal establishment which works from Law School Montevideo Street, the reduction of large-scale law firms and dictatorships. With these labels published in the National Gazette, Macri puts a pin on the operation he reported Destapebut the result of the media is inversely proportional to the size of the scandal.


Judges of the Supreme Court act when they are members of the highest court of the country I can not intervene in a particular case and the court can not be executed in any other way. Specifically, pursuant to Regulation 1285/58, as amended by Law 23.498, When the minister of the court has contested, be justified or when the contest appears, the court will be completed by a law number that will be decided by a draft between the President of the State Chambers of Appeal in the federal state of federal capital and those federal states with headquarters in the provinces. In case this process can not be completed, the participants will come into play. enter the Court to resolve the caseIf necessary, that is no small fee.

One of the judges is credited with the debt of Correo Argentina

The last step of this maneuver was made by the Senate last October 11th, as published Destape, There, although it is a list that is directly aligned with Macri's interests, was approved unanimously.

Who is who

The most scandalous novel conjugation may be at least publicly known. It's about that Julio César Rivera. the historic lawyer of the Macri family and, timely, the president. His job as a clan lawyer includes all business-to-family issues, such as divorce Mauricio with Isabel Menditeguy 2005, Just mention his role in Correo Argentino's case to warn of the promising size of this appointment. Rivera, with her partner Beltran Louge, is in charge of the general deprivation of creditor Correo Argentina. I think, they must control that everything is right in this case More than fifteen years have passed. The unusual thing is that the one who has to control defend the interests of the debtor, Macri, and not that the law is fulfilled, which prescribes that such a case should have been resolved more than 15 years ago.

This is no less. It is now the conjugation of Rivera Court is attributed to a criminal case investigating Correo Argentina's discharge maneuvers together with Macro, Oscar Aguado, the directors of SOCMA, SIDECO and Correo and others. As a commissioner, he has allowed all Macri maneuvers to not pay a long and empty company. And Louge and Rivera were agents of Macri like Transmetro SA, who also went through the bankruptcy and discharge process.


As if that was not enough Carlos Rosenkrantz. Grupa Clarín will have another ally at the Court. It's about that María Angélica Gelli, one of the ones Macri designated for the Supreme Court. MRand he was one of Hector Magnetto's Holding Holders before the Supreme Court in hearings at the Supreme Court Media Law audio-visual. One of his expressions was: "The only media capable of investigating journalism is Clarín".

The Reaction College of Attorneys at Montevideo Street (CACBA), a strong lack of law enforcement agencies and writers of dictators, achieved 40% of representation among the current judges of the Supreme Court.

One is his president, Guillermo Lipera, A partner of Bulló and a native of Chivilcoy, during the activity of the school attended by Macri, said:We have a historic opportunity with this authority. We do not have to curse our beliefs and, on the contrary, defend them with their teeth and nails". He asked his partners to play a "game" in favor of the government. And he did not stay in words. In addition to his personal support in articles, interviews, and social networks, Lipera has run several media-judicial operations, such as the one that led to the dismissal of a former prosecutor Alejandra Gils Carbo.

The other partner of the school is Ricardo Gil Lavedra, which serves as a minister of residence Germán Garavano and in 2016 he was appointed as the ad honoring president of the program Justice 2020, He was an advocate of the vice president Gabriela Michetti was the reason for stolen funds from her home who could never justify and advise the province of Jujuy he manages Gerardo Morales in charges against a social leader, referring to Tupac Amaru, The miracle in the room, which was closed for more than a thousand days without conviction.

It does not do it for free. For example, represents AFIP in the case against Cristobal Lopez thanks to the idyllic employment with a finger that surpasses 4 million pesos. But Gil Lavedra has other events in his record. When he entered the trial of the Military Councils in 1985, he was also appointed to the Legal Secretary of the Office of the Chief State Attorney on August 5, 1976. He was the only challenging member of the list: Senator Guillermo Snopek thinks he should reject his candidacy regarding the oil connection with the ruling party and companies like Odebrecht, who took part in the Lava Jato criollo.


The fourth member of CACBE is Diego Botana, an Allende & Brea partner, who is always in the top five best studios in Buenos Aires. He is defined as a radical and professor at the University of San Andrés.

Between cognac is also a figure Aída Kemelmajer of Carlucci, perhaps the only one on the list that has at least some academic reputation. Mendocina, a Doctor of Law, has a long academic career and joined the Supreme Court of Mendoza until 2010. She is associated with Ernesto Sanzo. She was with her together Ricardo Lorenzetti and Elena Highton de Nolasco, co-author of the preliminary draft for the existing civil and commercial code. When her name sounded for the Court's integration, Susan Via's journalist was against her campaign against the Vila-Manzano group. In 2003, in the D-Day program, Jorge Lanata stated that he did not join the highest court on suspicion that he had an influence on his husband, lawyer Nedo Carlucci, when he was court judge Cuyan. He then condemned Lanat, but finally in 2014, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the current operator of Macros.

The list goes on Alberto García Lema, what happened treasurer Carlos Menem and has already been served as judge of the Court. From 1974 to November 2, 1976, he served as secretary of the State Attorney's Office, something he had overlooked by senators when approving his specifications.

In the list of lovers is also Gerardo Amadeo Conte GrandHe was Intelligence Undersecretary and Deputy Interior Minister during Menema. He's an uncle Julio Conte Grand, lawyer of the province of Buenos Aires.

Another new member of the Court is María Rosa Caballero, Attorney, Officer and former Jujuy Civic-Commerce Chamber Judge since 1984. In April 2014 he resigned and retired, but in March 2016 he temporarily joined the filling of vacancies. Your Twitter account is a companion of PRO militancy. On December 15, 2015, the day before the ballot paper, he wrote: "As the candidate achieves the principle of good faith, come to Mauricio. You can #MacriPresidente." His Macri support was complete. A few days before the release: "Argentina does not leave its future or change its dignity for the #AguanteMacri plan".

In his address, he shared Macri's interventions in Jujuy, calling for timbreos, support for Elise Carrió María Eugenia Vidal and press release by Patricia Bullrich, among others.

The list is filled with Veronica Nidia Torres, attorney and clerk, currently dean of the National University in the northeast.

During the analysis of the candidacy documents, the PJ Miguel Ángel Pichetto, Senate Bureau president, in the agreement committee, assured: "The way a doctor is really remarkable, long; We all know the task they did in the private part, in the classroom. In the name of our block we will follow the signing of the opinion".

It was not the only one. On October 11, when the legislative agenda in Gornji dom was overshadowed by a debate on a new gas tariff that was supposed to be charged in 24 war, the list of judges arrived at the venue. There was a vote in the middle of various projects, and there were virtually no objections: it was approved unanimously, with the votes of the PRO Senator and Pichettist and those who were classified in the Kirchner block. A total of 58 senators confirmed that these lawyers may – at times – approach the highest court in the country. At the time of voting there were 14 absences, among the most prominent, the former president Cristina Kirchner.

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