Monday , May 17 2021

Marco Ruben has moved away from Rosario Centrala and is fighting two greats who will play Copa Libertadores – 30.12.2018.

The routes of Ruben and Rosario Centrala begin to separate. The attacker will not renew the contract with the institution, which expires on 31 December, and will pass another course. Yes, it looks like Copa Libertadores will play the same but not with Edgardo Bauze.

Ruben, at age 32, will be released if he finally fulfills his desire for air change, which was recognized by both the player's environment and by the president of the club, Rodolfo Di Pollina. When this happens you can sign a contract with any other club.

Nevertheless, the recorder will not spend much time without a team. Since Eduardo Domínguez, the new coach of Nacional de Montevideo, has already asked for him, and the Uruguayan club has offered him an offer to account for him since January. I would come to one of the two biggest teams in Uruguay and play the Cup. You can switch to the Central immediately after the group stage.

Ruben would have finished his second round at Rosario Central with a recent victory over Copa Argentina, which became a club obsession after losing the final in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

However, according to the player's environment there is another team that wants to take Ruben and the classic rivals of the National. This is Peñarol from Montevideo, who will also play Cop as the group leader.

Nacional will be in E along with Cerro Porteño from Paraguay, Zamora from Venezuela and a rival who will step out of the qualifying phase; while Peñarol will integrate D with Flamengo from Brazil, the League de Quito and San José from Bolivia. The central, to the same extent, will play in H with Gremio, the Catholic University of Chile and other equipment that will emerge from the classification wheel.

(Source: Télam)

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