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Marcos Acuña's "Extraordinary" Bid Offer and Plan B Leading for Discarding

"The offer that Boca made for Marcos Acuña is extraordinary."

That's what he said Pablo del Río, representative of "Egg", about the proposal that Boca sent to Sporting Lisboa. While awaiting the response of the Portuguese team, the leadership of "xeneize" already manages plan B in case of rejection of the bid.

The offer that Boca sent A 27-year-old former race driver would amount to more than EUR 15 million (just over $ 17 million) which will be confirmed if the Argentine football team passes. However, Sporting Lisboa has just rejected the superior proposal of Zenith Russia (16 million and four more for goals, plus 2.5 million euros per player per year), so it is supposed to be rejected.

"This is what is said and nothing is rejected: the Boca offer is real and extraordinary for what is Argentine and South American economy. We need to see whether it's sustainable or not. We appreciate the effort and appreciate what Boca has done with such a suggestion. Marcos does not rule out any option "he expressed Pablo del Río in dialog with How's it going?.

Faced with the possibility that the operation does not progress, Boca's leadership has directed Plan B: Emiliano Rigoni.

According to European and Mexican media, a football player from Atalante from Italy had everything with America Mexico, who would pay a little more than that $ 9 million for your file.

However, in the last hours, the xeneize leadership would maintain contacts with its representative to initiate negotiations former footballer Independiente, who was also on River's radar at the request of Marcello Gallardo. Rigoni scored three goals in 12 games he played with Atalant.

The bottle will have time until Thursday, January 31, the day when the passage market in Argentina is closed. If you register, you will have another week to agree on the foundation.

So far, "Xeneize" six players are involved: Marcos Diaz, Ivan Marcone, Jorman Campuzano, Junior AlonsoKevin Mac Allister and Lisandro López.

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