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Mariana Fabbiani about Nahiru Galarzi: "It was a tough and very complicated interview" – 15.03.2019

Quiet can say much more than a phrase. About gestures, prominent looks and silence that seemed eternal, Mariana Fabbiani talked about the host who interviewed Nahira Galarz for the first time for television: "The goal was to immerse yourself in this complex personality, try to get even more acquainted and search the truth," he said .

Driver Marian's Diary He talked to him bugle and told some of the feelings he had when he talked to a 20-year-old girl who was detained in a female prison in Paraná after being sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Fernand Pastoricz. He noticed that the conversation was not easy and sometimes it seemed that the transition to the viewpoint did not end: "It was very interesting to read his body language, with what he said in words."

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Nahirova's word was one of the most sought-after media in the past months. That is why Fabbiani emphasized the work of the program and said that he had thoroughly read the whole court procedure so that he could cross-examine each time he deemed it necessary. The interview was in one of the pavilions in jail and lasted for almost two hours.

"It's very interesting and very difficult to make an interview about these qualities, especially when it comes to someone who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder." Nahir's case has already been trials and there is a punishment he is serving. Everyone will draw his own conclusions when he listens to him ", said the program would finish the interview next Monday at 2:30 pm.

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As Nahir noticed, Mariana said she saw her nervous: "She is concerned about the other, as if she wanted to emphasize some points that were the pillars of her defense strategy and did not reach her permanent standing, and she also showed some contradictions, he said, adding: "He did not put a note on the note."

Fabbiani noticed the unpleasant moments that appeared every time he avoided a quick answer to the driver's question: "There were long silence that spoke a lot and maintained the views that they spoke for themselves." On Monday he will be able to see the whole interview and draw his own conclusions, She is closed.

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