Wednesday , January 27 2021

Mauricio Macri accused Aerolínea Argentinas of the consequences of the storm

President Mauricio Macri today sent floods in Quilmes City, Buenos Aires, and tried to link the lack of work in that municipality, which was ruled by Cambiemos, with "lost" in the aircraft.

Through Twitter, he said he was "available to the mayor and governor" for what happened in the municipality. And then he said he was "very helpless to know that with a small part of what had been lost in Aerolínea, the necessary work to prevent it could have been done long ago."

It's not the first time that Macri calls on the cost of an aviation company. Last Thursday, during a syndication strike, the president said: "Since Aerolíneas is nationalized, the state has to put money every month to operate it. All the aircraft working here and most of the world do not require the citizens of that country, in this case the Argentine money every month. "

It should be recalled that the president, during the election campaign, went to Jorge Rial's program in 2015 and promised that "Aerolíneas Argentinas would work properly from the state". This is one of the many unfulfilled promises of the head of state.

Argentine Aircraft Conflict

On Thursday, air guards conducted a measure of force that caused the suspension of about 240 flights.

The conflict began last week when the company announced that the monthly pay start clause did not apply to salaries in September. This meant that Air Force staff members did not charge an increase of 6.6%.

Despite not having reached an agreement with Aerolineas Argentinas or calling on Jorge Triac's Minister of Labor, the aviation has raised a strike for about 17 years, but will assess when the plan will continue.

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