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Message for Rubinstein and Macri | document

With information that they signed a document last year rejecting the removal of the Ministry of Peoples Health, now in a clear declaration signed by 15 provincial ministers, these officials demanded that the national government consider health "a basic human right" and condemned "abandonment of national programs in the provinces and the lack of supply of milk, vaccines, drugs, supplies of cancer drugs, reagents and antiretrovirals. "Those responsible for health portfolios criticized the 'deterioration in coverage for people with disabilities' and' the lack of regulation leading to an explosive increase in the prices of medicines and goods and services necessary for human health. "And they also warned of a" lack of predictability and health policy decisions to determine what the nation-state covers, "demanding" urgent measures also that the nation-state's return role must be recovered by the last day of the mandate laid down by the National Constitution "for the current administration.

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