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Microsoft rebuilds Office icons and will change them in Windows 10


Microsoft more and more, it restores Office icons and its operating system. In case of office, the icons were restored a total of five times in the last century, usually with every major update. This year is the last, and in its presentation, the company unconsciously filters the changes that will also come Windows 10 as well as for icon design this applies.

The office rebuilds its icons 5 years after the last change

This change of design is one that is most expected of all, since what Microsoft was most concerned with changing the design of the icon for four years (between 2003 and 2007). Now, this change is coming five years after the last, was introduced with Office 2013. The company decided to make these changes to create the design Simplified and Equal, and it is better suited to our time.

Additionally, these new icons add a new perspectiveis three-dimensionality, to match the changes Fluent design which Microsoft introduces to its products; especially in Windows 10. Additionally, they want to make it more clear or make each package application, pointing to PowerPoint graphics, Excel cells, or text lines in Word, while everything is similar to air,

Not only Office 365: Windows 10 will also rebuild its icons

All of these new icons will come up with different versions of Office. Interestingly, we could see in the video presentation how new icons that will also be available for Windows 10, which will also simplify the appearance of elements such as Calendar, File Explorer, Calculator or Mail application.

minimalism This is the trend that major software companies are following in their products. From complex logos, companies such as Google, eBay, Microsoft, Airbnb and many others tend to simplify and streamline them. This new icon design also follows this path.

These new Office and Office iconsand are available in Office 365, and will appear on all devices where you can install Office. on Windows 10, Microsoft did not give any details, but it is possible that new icons are present in the following Update for April 2019, or if not later in last year. In fact, in the latest version of Build 18290 for Insider, the company starts introducing changes in Fluent Design in the start menu.

He wrote Alberto García

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