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Nacho Viale and Tini Stoessel: rumors about romance – 30.12.2018

A few hours after the end of 2018, a new romance confirmed in the local show. That's it, a hard-working journalist Susana Roccasalvo. Nacho Viale (37) i Martina tini Stoessel (21) are in pairs.

News has become famous when it's hosted merciless (Nine, at 20) visited another famous cycle of that channel, confronted (Nine, at 15), and counted news.

"That was known for hours Nacho Viale split and a few hours later, it was learned that the famous Argentine woman also separated. What a coincidence he knew for a week of difference! "He began ironically speaking Roccasalvo.

The driver talked about the break between a young actress and singer with her Spanish boyfriend, Pepe Barroso Silva (22), and the recent release by Lourdes Sánchez in Morning angels (El Trece, at 10.30), on the separation between producers and Lucia Pedraza (27), his girlfriend for two years.

Tini Stoessel. (Instagram)

Tini Stoessel. (Instagram)

"I discovered 24 overnight and want it to be the first for this program." Love was born and confirmed between Mr. Nacho Viale and Tini Stoessel. What a couple! What a fire! "Said Roccasalvo.

In addition, the figure of Nine Knight explained that a month ago "was presented at the theater and was in a box with people from their environment." "They were a couple of monthsadded a reporter.

This Saturday, u mercilessSusana gave more details about the novel, which Nacho had already rejected. "You know that today's first fruits disappeared in 30 seconds and I thought it was good to tell you. I discovered 24 in the middle of the Badnjak, they went to deny me, as did many of the novels I have in my possession, "he said.

And he closed: "Boys are boys, not like in other times, they took better care of the patterns. They broke up with previous partners and wanted to take some time off (to be shown together), but when someone is known, time becomes shorter. "

Nacho Avenue with his dog. (Instagram)

Nacho Avenue with his dog. (Instagram)

On the other hand, Nacho, with whom he was connected during the courtship from Pedraza Carolina pampita Ardohain (40) i Soledad Fandiño (36), denied any relationship with former Violet.

"Ehhhh! Mandale a little kiss, hahahaha. So far this year, look at the novels I have invented. I'm never talking about my private life, that's it Tell me what you want, On my way, what I know … everything's fine, "said the grandson Mirtha Legrand (90) on the portal Already the first.

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