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NASA: Three Asteroids Will Touch Earth this Saturday 10

November 9, 2018 22:30.

Three asteroids will pass close Earth on Saturday, November 10, according to NASA's divisional data.

It is about the passage of three giant rocks of space that will almost attack our habitat on our way.

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The first asteroid touching Earth is 2018 VS1, which measures between 13 and 28 meters wide, and will appear in the orbit of the planet at 9:00.

How far is it from the planet? At 1,391,535 kilometers, as estimated OUR.

At 9:16 am asteroid 2018 VR1 it will hit the Earth's sky. This rock minde is between 14 and 30 meters wide and will be at a distance of 5.066.418.

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The last one to scratch the Earth will be an asteroid 2018 VX1, which will run at a distance of minus 400 thousand kilometers.

And the Asteroid Skull

But the Earth will also be witness to the passing of the asteroid 2015 TB 145, which has a nickname skull.

This rock is a mass of about 650 meters in diameter and is little visible in the capture of the telescope.

This asteroid is pretty dark and a little shine; For some experts and observers one of their faces is a portrait of the skull.

Asteroid skull will not return to Earth until 2027 OUR.

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