Thursday , June 24 2021

Nestor en Bloque held a mass show in Entre Ríos, was rejected on the networks and was defiant: “Let them talk as they please”

Néstor en Bloque sang in Entre Ríos without protocol.

After the increase in cases coronavirus, mass entertainment is in the eye of the storm. A musician on Monday Pablo Lescano, which appeared in Pinar de Rocha with Ladies for free In order to sing his greatest hits, he was sharply criticized on social media for the videos that came to light, where it is noted that no other soul entered the place and that they were all piled up indoors and without chins.

Now it’s in the eye of the storm Nestor in the Block, ex Base. He played at Chajarí last weekend – Endre Rios – and the recording he shared on official accounts shows viewer irresponsibility and a lack of protocol.

Although they assure that it was in the open, the pictures show a large number of people covered and without masks. Like his colleague, the cumbi reference received many messages noticing that he was irresponsible, but he responded defiantly. “Let them talk as they please,” wrote next to the emojis of a face blowing into a kiss.

Nestor en Bloque held a show in Chajarí and criticized him. (Photo: Instagram / nestor_nblq).

In the case of Pinar de Rocha, municipal inspectors decided to close the property after the scandal. Although the employee of the place initially avoided opening the door to them because, he claimed, “the owner was not there”, finally the authorities managed to disable the place due to non-compliance with the ordered measures by the provincial government to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

A health problem that kept him away from music

Néstor Bordiola was 15 years old when he made his debut in Grupo Red. Shortly afterwards, he formed his own cumbia band called La Base. However, after trying his luck as a soloist and becoming Nestor en Bloque, he experienced a crucial episode that took him away from music.

“I had to stop because I started having panic attacks. The first ones were in 2015, but in 2016 they grabbed me harder and I stopped everything for a few months. I didn’t know what was happening to me I had a general examination and they told me I had nothing. They sent me to a psychologist and there I found out what it was: I had panic attacks, ” began by describing in an interview they worked with him in Faced.

He later denied having addiction problems, as he whispered around the tropical scene. “It was very ugly because he sang and felt a tachycardia, a very strange feeling in the back of his head. I recently had agreed to play in Palermo, they set the stage and I couldn’t leave. People started shouting that he was drugged. Nothing to see “, convinced then.

Nestor en Bloque while he was the lead singer of La Base. (Photo: file).

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