Monday , January 25 2021

New images of the largest canyon of the solar system located on Mars are published (PHOTOS)

The geological formation is almost ten times more extensive than the U.S. Grand Canyon and three times deeper.

A high-resolution imaging experiment known as HiRISE has released new graphs of what could be the largest canyon in the solar system, called Valles Marineris and located on Mars, Live Science reports.

The formation is almost 10 times longer than the U.S. Grand Canyon and three times deeper. It also travels more than 2,500 miles (approximately 4,000 kilometers) along the Martian equator, shrinking in this way almost a quarter the cost of making the red planet circumference.

HiRISE, the most advanced camera ever sent to another world, has arrived on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. The research is led by scientists from the University of Arizona, who, thanks to this device, have been able to capture several since 2006 characteristics of Marsbut they have not yet been able to define how the vast canyon came into being.

One of the hypotheses formulated by the European Space Agency (ESA) believes that the canyon for the most part managed to break through billions of years ago, when nearby volcanoes appeared.

According to ESA data, like magma beneath a volcano, bubbles the crust of the planet it could stretch or break into the recesses that are now part of the barrel.

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