Sunday , May 16 2021

New Revelation! This killed the princess Diana

(International Media) – New Detail of Revelation the real cause of the death of Princess Diane in Wales, this has attracted the attention of the pink press for many years, theoretizing all kinds of plots and plans of the assassination.

But nothing's wrong with that. Actually, according to the book Unnatural causes, which will be released on April 18, and from which the Daily Mail and Diario El País have already published an excerpt, Dian's death corresponds to the effect caused because he did not wear a belt.

The book was written by Dr. Richard Sheperd, who was in 2004 7 years after Diana's death (1997) He is charged with clarifying the real causes of death, due to the existing suspicions that it could be a murder.

However, in the book, Sheperd says the cause of death Diane is one of the few that he has ever seen in lifeA small wound, very gentle, but worst, caused by the blow he had struck when he hit the passenger seat because he did not have a seatbelt.

According to the story, if the princess was safe, would appear two days after the accident with a fatal blow and blows, but in perfect health. In fact, of all those who traveled in the car: the multimillionaire Dodi Al Fayed (now dead), driver Diane Henri Paul (dead immediately), Diana and Fayed's bodyguard, the last two were the ones who were more stable, the only survivor was the bodyguard who was also the only one wearing the belt.

Diana was aware, stable, but when she was transferred to the emergency wagon, she lost consciousness. He had heart failure after entering the operating room had nothing to do with it What killed her? This little wound, a slight cut near the lungs, which was not detected at the beginning, but as it moved, bleeding and bleeding until it was killed.

According to this expert, for such a type of injury it takes a little time to face with the face, and therefore hurt for some time keep it aware: "Anatomically, this is something that is hidden, in the middle of the chest. Veins, which do not have the same pressure as the arteries, bleeds more slowly; in fact, it is so difficult to identify the problem. Once identified, it is even harder to fix it. "

"Dian's death is an example the classic of what we usually say almost after every death: "If only …" He just hit the opposite seat in a slightly different corner … If he would just go 15 kilometers long … They had it put directly in the ambulance … But the biggest of these doubles depended on Diani himself : If you simply put on the seat belt … I would be subjected. He would probably have appeared a few days later in public with eye bites, with bruised breathing from a broken rib or with a hand in the strap, "says the doctor in his book.

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