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Nicole Neumann burned the network with a very sensual photo on the beach

Nicole Neumann He traveled to Miami and shared a photographic production that raised the temperature of his followers.

After a conflict that seems to have no end with his former Fabian Cuber and his new partner Mica Viciconte, Nicole Neumann went on vacation Miami and surprised her followers with a super-sensual production of Paradise Beaches.

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"Check it yourself, how many times check Instagram"He wrote a model beside a picture on which he can see how he wears a micro bikini that reveals her incredible structure on the sand.

The photo, which raised the temperature of its followers, soon exceeded 14,000 "loves" for a few hours and many have taken the opportunity to praise the character of Indiana's mother (10), Allegra (8). and Sienna (4).

"Total Goddess, laugh the envy you are generating", "Every day more beautiful," "So you will be a bomb?", "The Best Body in the Earth" are just some of the comments that can be read with a sensual image.

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However, not everyone was falling. It happens that some followers noticed the absence of their daughters on that trip and accused the position she adopted herself when Fabián Cubero left for Disney with her partner, Mica Viciconte, and without a minor.

"I'm talking about what I'm doing. With me and my partner there was 20 days in Punta del Este, I took them alone to Salt, I take them every year to ski, this year they will go to Europe with me and if I am organized to go to pediatric destination, of course I will go with them "The model said at a time when they were asking for the decision of their former."

Now, however, methe model I traveled in and the nets did not forgive her, "Where are the girls?", "And the girls," "and your daughters?" Then criticize your father, "" The critics that Fabian goes without a girlfriend and you do the same, "some followers said.

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It seems that this adventure for the United States is associated with the problem of work, so she preferred her daughters to stay at school rather than stack up mistakes.

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