Thursday , May 6 2021

Night of Passion at Luna Park: Sebastian Yatra kissed Tini Stoessel on his debut in Buenos Aires

Sebastian Yatra kissed Tini Stoessel at Luna Park (Video: YouTube)

With reggaeton and ballads, Sebastian Yatra He took over the stage of Luna Park with several guest artists, as well as looks Tini Stoessel and the ugliness of Columbus was what made the audience crazy.

More than ten thousand people attended the stadium enjoy the music of Yatra. The show has gone through several stages and romanticism took a moment: all crowned with a kiss with Tina.

The chemistry between them was obvious when they sang Cristina and I want to come back, the hits they share. The contemplative look, the venomous smiles and the caress were not lacking.

When it was over Cristina. yatra he grabbed the ex violet from his waist and gave him a passionate kiss that made all fans blame: the worship, the cry and the applause flooded the moon.

In another theme, Tini said he was very happy because the singer came to earth and replied, "Today I want to say something, Tina … I just want to …" and started to sound I want to come back

Then he sang on his knees: "Tina, do not go, stay with me", she replied: "I want to disappear with you." At that point Colombian tried to give her another kiss but she avoided it and everything ended with a gentle embrace.

March 21 was a birthday Tini Stoessel, and with Yatri they live live on Instagram. He said that this was a very important day in his life because he was Tini's birthday, he knew Pope Francis and that was the release of his last video, Cristina.

She broke and admitted she was nervous with her words and simply let her "I love you, I love you" when she is forgiven. Whatever it is, whether to live a romance or not, it is true that they are well seen together. And they, they notice, enjoy it.

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