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Note in which one of the stars of the female team expected a scandal – 15.07.2019

The scandal broke out on Monday in Argentina's women's team. After being announced at 18 o'clock when coach Carlos Borrello called him for the Panama Games at Lime, team leaders who were out of the list came out to express their disagreement with the team's technical team.

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One of the stinging strikes was Ruth Bravo, a 27-year-old defender who recently played the World Cup in France with a blue and white shirt. In the dialog s SportiaSalteña confirmed: "It hurts to fight for professionalism when those who are above are not professionals."

Apart from the fact that he has now confirmed his position, the new Real Madrid player from Spain I had been expecting a bomb in the women's team a few days ago which broke out this Monday, with a census confirmation. Bravo invited El VAR TV, a series of interviews that were broadcast on YouTube, and at the end of the program, one of the members asked about his absence on the preliminary list and something happened to DT.

"The last day in France, the coach joined us all, told us two or three words about what he meant about the World Cup and told us that there would be changes to the Pan American list." Although 18 players traveled, we were 23. We did not say anything else, I did not think they would leave us because if you have players who have played three games and one is a captain … There have been so many things that I did not really expect, he started, he says.

"At the end of this championship, as always, we gather all the players to talk about what we want in the future for the national team and for the generations to come back, and we agreed on everything: we all wanted the same thing and it made me the most happy because then everyone wants changeBravo continued.

But then she discovered what she said caused a non-inclusion of major Argentine players on the list. "There seems to be some information about the conversation that he had spotted, and then the technician decided to give 20 players a list. Allegedly the coach decided to leave the players who are very important to me. That's what I tell you to leave the captain, and for me the greatest reference is the lack of full respectAt least I raise the handset and say "Che, look, I will not take you into account." I do not know whether this has happened or not. It is as if Scaloni had left the Messiah out"he convinced himself."

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And when asked if the players no longer want Borrella, Chula He explained that the reason for dissatisfaction with DT is going to the other side. "It is not that we do not want it, we want a change, We want new people who are ready to make a choice".

And he continued to defend his disgruntled companions from the group. "Broken boards pay for players who give their faces, we were the voices of 23 players who were there and unfortunately we had to stay out there, maybe I'm wrong and that is something football, he does not see us playing the Pan American Games and that's why he leaves. "

Finally, he closed the tense moment complaining of the fact that he did not represent the land in Lime. "It's as if this is happening and always wants to be in the team, more after all that we have done at the World Championships. After we've done everything for the national team, finding the list and going out is difficult, especially because of how this happened. "

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